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Minnesota Ag Commissioner Thom Petersen is pleased with changes to the USDA Ag Census. “(USDA) is really concentrating on new and beginning farmers, producers with military service, breakdowns of how many women are farming. That continues to... (full story)

Milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile were higher Monday ahead of a bullish milk production report. April Class III milk remained unchanged at $15.92.  May up 13 cents at $15.82.  June up nine cents at $16.04.  July six cents... (full story)

Catkin (male flower) production has been pretty heavy so far. A large catkin crop does not guarantee a large production of flowers, but most times we have heavy catkin production, […] (full story)

The ACLU is challenging Iowa’s new ag trespass law. The law, which went into effect in March, creates a trespass charge for anyone using deception to gain access to a farm with intent to cause physical or economic harm. But Rita Austen with ACLU... (full story)

Milk production during March was down slightly as farmers reduced their herd size.  USDA says production in the U.S. was down less than a half of a percent to 18.9 billion pounds with production per cow up 10 pounds—the highest for the... (full story)

U.S. Wheat Associates is looking to capitalize on Brazil’s tariff-free import quota. President Vince Peterson tells Brownfield President Trump met with the Brazilian president last month to discuss trade. “They announced the opening of a... (full story)

Some Missouri farmers are making planting progress despite the precipitation that’s stalled other farmers in the state. North Central Missouri grower Robert Alpers tells Brownfield he was in the field following some sunny, windy days a week ago. ... (full story)

Field conditions in Wisconsin are improving, even though much of the state received more than an inch of rain last week.   Manure spreading, tillage, and early planting have all begun, but USDA reporters say field conditions are difficult in... (full story)

(full story)

Specs are Record Short - What's to Say They are Wrong (full story)

I am posting this within three days of the day I posted it last year.  To say the least the weather patterns the last couple of springs have not been […] (full story)

Levels for April 23rd & Micro E-Minis are Almost Here! (full story)

Soybeans were lower on fund and technical selling, pushing May to a near five-month low. Beans are waiting for the next round of face to face talks with China, which resume next Monday in China. China’s trade team will reportedly head to the U.S. the... (full story)

Read Kelly, graduate student under the direction of Dr. Jeff Gore, has been investigating the relationship and densities of rice water weevils in furrow irrigated or row rice. (full story)

Intermitted rain showers kept most fields too wet for fieldwork in Michigan last week. Beef producer Todd Brink of Caledonia says while calving season hasn’t been ideal, he feels fortunate compared to farmers impacted by severe weather this... (full story)

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Strongest trend (full story)

The 2018 Mississippi State University (MSU) Row Crop Short Course, held in December, showcased presentations by growers, industry experts, and row crop specialists on topics such as nematode management, weed […] (full story)

The Barchart Chart of the Day belongs to the software company Pegasystems(PEGA). I found the stock by sorting Barchart's All Time High list first by the most frequent number of new highs in the last month then used the Flipchart feature to revie... (full story)

In our latest episode, Angela McClure announces the revival of a soybean yield contest in Tennessee. (full story)

Wheat and barley that is flowering today is a medium to high scab risk in widespread, but scattered, regions of the central Tidewater zone. Late-planted fields may not yet be […] (full story)

The slow start to planting for corn and spring wheat continued last week as weather from late winter and early spring continues to affect fields. The USDA says that as of Sunday, 6% of the U.S. corn crop is planted, compared to 5% a year ago and... (full story)

Legislation that would change the Chapter 12 bankruptcy guidelines for farmers has now been introduced in the U.S. House.  A bipartisan group of Congressmen including Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Judiciary Committee... (full story)

May corn closed at $3.54 and 3/4, down 3 and 3/4 cents May soybeans closed at $8.77, down 3 and 1/2 cents May soybean meal closed at $302.50, down 70 cents May soybean oil closed at 28.70, down 10 points May wheat closed at $4.35 and 3/4, down 8 and... (full story)

Dairy leaders say the U.S. International Trade Commission’s review of the U.S. Mexico Canada agreement underscores the need for Congress to approve it. The commission expects U.S. dairy exports to increase by more than $277 million. President of... (full story)

The Rural Mainstreet Index, a monthly survey of bank CEOs in the Midwest, shows a surge in borrowing by farmers. The survey’s “borrowing index” for April reached its highest level since the survey began in 2006. Creighton University economist... (full story)

Farm groups support changing Chapter 12 limits Continue reading at Brownfield Ag News.           (full story)

NASS releases Crop Progress and Condition Estimates... (full story)

This report has been released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service. (full story)

A group of volunteers from West Michigan had a special Easter delivery for Nebraska farmers impacted by extreme flooding.  Beef producer and 4-H leader Todd Brink of Caledonia tells Brownfield following the stories about the bomb cyclone’s impact... (full story)

Crop Progress - 2019-04-22 (full story)

Momentum is expected to pick up this week in bilateral free trade agreement talks between the U.S. and Japan. A report in Agri-Pulse says President Trump is scheduled to host Japanese Prime Minister Abe at the end of this week. A White House... (full story)

Recent news items have focused on the impacts that African Swine Fever (AFS) in China is having on pork and soybean markets.  Today’s update looks briefly at these issues in […] (full story)

An agronomist says last fall’s late harvest is partly to blame for the regional shortages of anhydrous ammonia. Joel Steiber with Corteva AgriScience tells Brownfield, “I’ve got a couple of friends that farm in Iowa and they are... (full story)

Here is a sampling of some of the social media posts from farmers, ranchers and agriculture organizations across the country during Earth Day. (full story)

The USDA says beef demand was better than average during March. On March 31st, 2019, beef stocks in cold storage 450.657 million pounds, with a 23.231-million-pound decline during the month, compared to the five-year average of 15 million pounds.... (full story)

Risk/Reward Is In Your Favor (full story)

Limit down Hogs, Cattle lower (full story)

(full story)

While it already seems like an arduous planting season, little seed has actually hit the ground. However, good weather has finally hit the Midwest and planters are rolling. Farmers took to Twitter to share how planting is going so far. (full story)

The U.S. has won another World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling against China. The U.S. successfully argued China’s use of tariff-rate quotas for rice, wheat and corn limited market access for U.S. grain exports. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue ... (full story)

March Egg Production Up 4 Percent. Egg-Type Chicks Hatched Down 4 Percent. Broiler-Type Chicks Hatched Up 1 Percent... (full story)

Total natural cheese stocks in refrigerated warehouses on March 31, 2019 were up 1 percent from the previous month and up 4 percent from March 31, 2018... (full story)

March Milk Production down 0.1 Percent. Milk production in the 23 major States during March totaled 17.8 billion pounds, down 0.1 percent from March... (full story)

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says flood control along the Missouri River should be the top priority of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Ernst says the Corps is putting too much emphasis on environmental protections for fish and wildlife. “I hate... (full story)

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Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Larry Lee will be in Burlington, Wisconsin Thursday, April 25 for a House Agriculture and Trade Public Field Hearing. Continue reading House Agriculture and Trade Public Field Hearing at Brownfield Ag News. ... (full story)

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